About JIC

Jeddah International College (JIC) is an educational institution, approved and registered by the Saudi Arabia Education Ministry under the higher education private universities entities (not commercial entities) JIC was founded by a group of university professors in 2012, JIC offer the following majors:

Computer Science & Information Technology (Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, Networking)

Design (Graphic Design, Interior Design)

Business Administration (Accounting & Finance, Marketing & International Business)

Engineering (Industrial Engineering)

JIC is considered one of the leading schools in the area that provide new & selective programs. Thus, JIC aims to prepare and graduate generations qualified for integration into the labour market, holding leadership positions in their fields and be able to start their own businesses allowing them to make an impact in line with the ambitious Vision 2030 of the Kingdom

Our Vision

To be a distinguished educational institute.

Our Mission

To provide an attractive educational environment, stimulating human competencies, and distinguished academic programs, all of which contribute to promotion scientific research, community partnership, and preparing future entrepreneurs.


  • Providing pioneering and distinguished educational programs.
  • Supporting the culture of innovation in the institutional work environment
  • Developing institutional resources and maintaining sustainability.
  • Strengthening scientific research and postgraduate programs.
  • Building distinguished community partnerships.


Affiliation - Transparent - Fairness - Excellence - Innovation.

D.Salih Jameel Malaikah

Dr.Salih Jameel Malaikah

Chairman's Message

Believing in social responsibility placed on us as business pioneers in this beloved homeland and stemming from our awareness of the extreme importance of the next phase which will witness a “historical national and economic transformation” ,I have personally and all members of the Governing Council of the Jeddah Global Faculty of the company and its employees went to support this national agenda by focusing on the most important factors for the success of national ambitions and building the individual through a modern educational institution that is conscious of the needs of future labor market in a post-oil era, with an educational concept that revolves around regenerating intellect within the future generation that matches the upcoming era on three basic pillars namely entrepreneurship, community service and thinking outside the box or innovation. Such pillars would enable each graduate to create his future as an individual with his hand and that each Jeddah International College graduate would contribute collectively to elevate our beloved country to become a sustainable economy, composed of a diverse small and medium-sized businesses that advance our dear homeland to lead the local and global economies

Prof.Abdulrahman Aubaid Alyoby

Chairman's Board of Trustees Message

Education is one of the main pillars of nations’ growth and development. Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed a qualitative and quantitative leap that surpassed all expectations, as many schools, universities, colleges and institutes have been founded across the Kingdom’s vast sides And out of the contribution of the private sector in the establishment of private universities and colleges, extensive studies on higher education and the requirements of the labor market has been done and resulted in the founding of the Jeddah International College (JIC) to become an important arm to teach alongside its Saudi specialized sisters colleges and institutes, where the college aims to providing higher education programs of superior quality in the field of computer design (Graphic) and interior design (internal design) that meet the needs of the labor market and employment in the Kingdom, as the college embarks on a relentless quest to obtain global accreditation for its programs.I would like to note that the Board of Trustees comprises an elite group of education leaders and business owners to society and they have a great ambition to provide the best educational and training programs for students. God bless to the straight path

Dr.Tarik Fouad Himdi

Dean's Message

The national transformation vision adopted by the Saudi government is based on education and research outcomes. The government has therefore provided strong support to the academic institutions in order to produce highly qualified individuals who can lead the country towards development and prosperity. All our programs in jeddah international college is determined to play a substantial role in the on going development process in the country by providing high quality education and community services. Our prime objective is to achieve the college mission inspired by vision 2030. To this end, the entire staff must work very hard with diligence and complete cooperating depending on God blessings and support

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