Terms and Conditions (for new enrollments)

  • The applicant must have a high school certificate (or equivalent) with an obtained grade of "Good" and not less than 65%.

  • If the applicant obtained his high school certificate (or equivalent) from outside the Kingdom, he must submit an equivalent letter from the Ministry of Education

  • The candidate must take the English language placement test, in addition to any tests or personal interviews determined by the College as one of the requirements for admission. The applicant who obtained his high school certificate from an international school, or scored more than 4.5 in IELTS or 400 in TOEFL could be exempted from the English course of the preparatory year. JIC has the right to request all students for a placement test at any given time

  • The applicant must submit a medical report from a recognized hospital

  • The applicant must not be enrolled in another university or college, either governmental or private

  • The applicant must not be dismissed from any other university or college

  • The applicant should fulfill any other conditions determined by the College Council

  • The student must submit a valid national ID (for Saudis) or a valid Iqama (for non-Saudis)

  • The applicant acknowledges to abide by the instructions, rules and regulations of the college

  • The enrollment priority is for applicants who meet all the requirements in accordance with their grades as well as the results of admission tests and personal interview

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