• What is the average units per semester?

    • The average units differs from 12-18 units per semester.
    • The maximum load during summer is 9 units.
  • How long does it take to graduate?

    • One year of English preparation (if needed).
    • If the student took an average of 16 units per semester, s/he will graduate in 4 years (or less when taking summer courses).
  • What is the minimum requirement for high school diploma?

    • The minimum score is 65% and the student should be a graduate of the past 5 years and less.
    • In case the student graduated from high school for more than 10 years, the student needs a permission from the college committee to get accepted with 75% score.
  • Is the international diploma accepted?

    • Yes, if it was verified from the Ministry of Education.
  • Is the Bridging program accepted?

      Yes, with some conditions:
    • 1-Passing “Alshaml” exam and providing the original copy from the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation.
    • 2-Providing the original copy of the transcript.
    • 3-Providing courses’ description.
    • 4-JIC will not transfer more than 50% of its units as instructed by Ministry of Education.
  • Do you offer scholarships?

    Scholarships are available for 2018/2019 as follows:

    First, Scholarships for high school students

    • High school graduates with 95% and above get 15% off.
    • High school graduates with 90% and above get 10% off.
    • High school graduates with 80% and above get 5% off.

    Second, Scholarships for siblings

    • Two siblings: One of them gets 10% off (If s/he do not have any scholarships).
    • Three siblings: The second gets 10% and the third sibling gets 15% (If s/he do not have any scholarships).
    • Brother or second sister 15% discount (provided that he does not benefit from another grant)
  • Is it possible to make payments?

    Yes, if the student do not have any scholarships:
    • A down payment of 50%.
    • A second payment of 30%.
    • A third payment of 20% (Before the midterms).
  • How can I pay tuition?

    Fees are paid through:
    • You can pay in cash, via credit card, or debit card at the finance office.
    • A check directed to Jeddah International College Co.
    • A direct deposit or money transfer to the college:
      • Bank name: Bank Aljazira
      • College’s name at the bank: Jeddah International college Co.
      • Account number: 002-0109666926-09
      • IBAN: SA69 6000 0000 1096 6692 6002
  • What are the requirements?

    • High School original certificate or equivalent
    • Origin and copy of identity
    • Two personal photos
    • Fill out the student admission and registration form
    • Bring an IELTS 4.5 or TOEFL 480 certificate and in the event that it is not available.
    • Application fee of 1100 SR (none-refundable)

Admission and registration steps

Coming to an office Admission


Bring requirements


Pay the registration fees


Placement Or 4.5 IELTS 475 TOEFL


Student card


Academic Advising


Pay the tuition fees


Print the schedule

The beginning of your university trip

A very important note: The student must read the instructions in the admission and registration form well and in detail

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