Why JIC?

  • Its Accreditation

    JIC is accredited by the Saudi Ministry of Education.

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  • Academic programs

    Jeddah International College prides itself with an advanced educational system that provides distinguished specialized courses in Design (Interior Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design 'girls only'), and Business (International marketing and Business Management, Accounting and Finance, Management Information Systems). The College is also in the process of introducing new academic programs in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology.

    Business Department
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    Design Department
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    Information Technology Department
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    Engineering Department
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  • Learning environment

    The College offers a stimulating and distinctive learning environment through its advanced curricula and highly-qualified faculty members, featuring integrated infrastructure that includes classrooms, auditoriums, laboratories, state-of-the-art workshops and visual displays, gymnasiums, students’ activity-halls, a grand theater and a fully-equipped medical unit.

  • Students’ Development

    The continuous development of Jeddah International College students by enriching their knowledge and enhancing their intellectual, personal and vocational skills is achieved through our unique academic education and experiential learning approach. This is implemented via introducing extra-curricular activities and efficacious student-centered events; preparing our students for a prosperous career and promising future.

  • Double Majors

    The double majors offered by Jeddah International College Business department provide an exceptional opportunity for those students interested in acquiring one degree with two specialties such as: Accounting & Finance or Marketing & International Business. Such a unique feature distinguishes our graduates in the job market.

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