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Academic Programs in Design Department


The Design Department of JIC, currently offers two programs: Interior Design and Graphic Design.

Graphic design is an innovative field that combines the usage of text and images in different multimedia approaches to deliver a specific message to the target audience. It is a large umbrella which covers various subjects from advertising, production, printing, branding, photography, and illustration, among others. It is concerned with creating and planning creative designs using the latest programs that are considered essential tools in the commercial, publishing and advertising sectors. The program focuses on the principles of design and visual communication, while teaching the basics of branding and corporate identity, cinematic and craft design systems. Its an important major for different aspects like e-marketing, advertising, production, printing, branding, and designing the identity of international companies or organizations.

The Interior design is a multifaceted discipline. It seeks to explore the creative aspects of using technology, the application of modern building materials and the combination of classical elegance and modern simplicity to create an environment for interior space. The beauty of design lies in the combination of creativity, artistic knowledge, beauty, comfort, originality, and modernity. Interior design is also concerned about studying the art of planning and designing interior spaces, paying attention to the aesthetic and technical aspects, learning the basics of maintaining the integrity of buildings, the ability to freehand drawing, familiarity with computer drawing programs, and colors matching


Excellence in graduating design professionals, integrating innovation of design solutions with scientific, research and community sustainability.


Our Design Programs aim to foster creativity and equip the students with high theoretical, practical and technical skills. We empower the graduates to cope with the design market requirement and serve the community.


  • ◈ To meet national and international expectations of the academic field and professional area.
  • ◈ To enable students to develop critical research skills and independent learning through the exploration of design processes in social and historical contexts
  • ◈ To prepare students for the job market further study and lifelong learning by developing their intellectual, problem - solving, and practical skills.
  • ◈ To graduate designers who can contribute effectively to the future of society and the wider world, within the discipline and beyond.

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