The vision of the Scientific Research Unit is based on creating the appropriate conditions for establishing a friendly research environment, and developing the infrastructure related to scientific research with the aim of enabling Jeddah International College to gain a national, local and regional reputation, and in developing its general research performance to serve the Saudi community.


  • ◈ Preparing and implementing the college's strategic plan for scientific research
  • ◈ Raising the level of research work.
  • ◈ Encouraging distinguished and creative people in research work.
  • ◈ Simplifying work procedures and facilitating cooperation with local and international research centers and developing cooperation with them.
  • ◈ Dedicating the concept of quality and continuous improvement in the activities of the Scientific Research Unit


Supervising the preparation of the college's annual research plan, technical and administrative supervision of the unit's various activities, setting plans and work programs, and following up on their implementation. Supervising the work of research centers associated with the Scientific Research Unit, following up on its activities, and evaluating its performance. Cooperation and coordination with research institutions, institutes and centers inside or outside the college, contacting foreign research institutions and harnessing what can be used to modernize and develop the movement and technology of scientific research in the college.


To achieve the objectives of the strategic plan for scientific research, one of its goals was leadership in the quality of research production and its distinction in the main strategic branches of knowledge. WEB of Sciences or Scopus and compatible with the priorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so that the initiative supports publishing within classified scientific journals

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